Saturday, February 6, 2016

The cars cake

The cars cake is for the second time this year. I remember when my son was a little boy  and every time when we were in the toys store he asked me to buy him some of the cars. We collected all the characters. This passion continued almost 2 years. Right now this hobby is in the past but it's so funny to me every time when somebody asked me for a cake based on that theme. The little guys still adore these cute cars, the cute characters.

This cake is for Viki's second birthday. Unfortunately, I hadn't chance to meet Viki but I'm sure is a cute little guy who discovers the world with eyes wide open. Be very happy boy, Viki! Enjoy your birthday party!

The cake is covered with green colored butter cream. That was mom's request. She doesn't like the fondant cakes and that's why I made only some decorations out of this material - road, flowers, rocks, birds, cactus, clouds... The waterfall is made out of blue colored butter cream and the stones are very attractive chocolate candies. The sign is made out of chocolate paste.

The two cars are plastic cake decorations. At that age the kids adore to get some toys from the cake. They like the cake but finally the most important is to have something only for you. I hope Viki will be happy with the cars.

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