Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Birds cake

Happy birthday, Stephanie! Be very happy and healthy girl!

This cake was chosen by this little girl and by her mom. The original cake is made by the professional cake decorator Bubolinkata. Most of you who like that type of cakes know her blog, her beautiful and unique cakes and her interesting stories. Of course, I asked for a permission if I can copy the cake. Although there are some changes the main idea belongs to Bubolinkata.

Here it's the moment to thank Bubolinkata for her permission and inspiration.

The layers are colored in rose and light green. They are attached by vanilla cream. All the decorations around the cake and the cute birds are made out of fondant.

I like very much the colors in the cake. They are very vibrant and full of life. Although this cake is made in January for me it's the first sign that spring will come soon :)

And now a close look to the cake :)

This post will continue with another cake for Stephanie. The cake for the birthday party at the daycare....

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