Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shopkins cake

This cake is for my youngest daughter Kalina. Today, on this beautiful day, day full of love, passion, expectations and...chocolate my daughter celebrates her birthday. 

Five years ago I received the most beautiful present in my life - Kalina. I don't know the reason (because she was born on February 14th or it's a strange coincidence) but Kalina is full of love. She spreads love everywhere, she is...unbelievable. It's so touching every time when she mentions without any reason "I Love you!"

This year Kalina asked me for Shopkins cake. I was very busy but how can you  say "I don't have enough time, I'm tired and etc ..." Anyway, that's my daughter...

The first tier is red velvet with filling made out of mascarpone and black cherries. The second tier is vanilla with chocolate cream - something traditional for the kids. The cake is really very small - 8" and 6".

Happy birthday, dear Kalina! We love you!!!!

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