Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Minnie Mouse cake

This Minnie Mouse cake is for Sophia's second birthday. Unfortunately, I hadn't chance to meet Sophia... The cake was ordered by her mom and her dad came to pick it up :)

Happy birthday, Sophia! I wish you very happy childhood, a lot of friends and beautiful presents at the birthday party!

The idea for the cake came form Sophia's mom who had chosen  a cake photo from the net. Some days before the birthday party the mom asked me to replace the white fondant that was supposed to cover the cake with white frosting. Also she asked me to put some toys on the cake related to the main topic - Minnie Mouse. And that is what I had found - The charming Minnie sitting quietly and thinking about something interesting :)

I know at that age kids are very happy when they get some toys at the end of candle blowing. The cake is for all guests but the toy is only for them. That makes the whole cake more special :) Knowing all that I agreed that it's a very good idea if we put a toy or some toys as cake decorations.

I hope that Sophia liked her cake-surprise...I wish her all the best!

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