Sunday, August 4, 2013


Today I'll present you one of my last cakes. As you can understand from the topic it's a thematic cake - Transformers. I made it for Maxim's 5th birthday. He is the son of one of my close friends. A long time ago Nadia (my friend) mentioned me to start practicing for Transformers. I accepted this suggestion as a joke. Anyway there were a lot of months till the birthday...Even when she called me a week ago for the cake I was wondering what will be Max's desire this year. Here you can see his birthday cake from the last year. Honestly, I was surprised to hear again "Transformers" but in a second another thought passed through my mind - My son is interested in NinjaGo (LEGO) for more than an year and a half and he is more and more obsessed with these toys with every single day. That's why immediately I accepted Max's desire very seriously. 
My friend ordered the cake for the daycare. She picked up the picture, chose the cake layers and the fillings...and now it was my turn to create a cake that will make Max happy. And this is not so easy...I mean to make a child happy. Based on my experience with my son, I know that sometimes it's so difficult to satisfy children's expectations. We are trying and trying, giving everything of ourselves and finally nothing. They want more and more. But on the other side the kids are very honest and if they don't like anything, there is no way to hide it. And of course, when they are happy, the sparkles in their eyes are all that we need.
That's why I was very nervous and impatient to hear what was Max's reaction. Hopefully the boy was extremely happy with his Transformers cake.
And some words for the cake - French vanilla layers filled with chocolate and vanilla cream. Everything covered with  fluffy buttercream. I hope you will like it too...

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