Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eclair cake

Today I made a cake that I planned a long time ago. I couldn't find any occasion to make it but the idea was all the time in my mind. Hopefully the inspiration didn't die with the time....And this morning when I got up I was absolutely sure that today is the day for my eclair cake. Here it's the time to mention that I adore eclairs. Simply eclairs and eclairs in a cake. But I would like to make something clear - I adore only these eclairs with crème pâtissière ( with yellow cream). The other one - with whipping cream, as a call it "white cream", it's to heavy, artificial  and tasteless for me. But that's my personal opinion....

For my cake I used vanilla sponge layer-8" (20cm), soaked with almond milk. Then I put the ring from my  8'' springform pan and started with arranging the mini eclairs on the top of the cake layer. Sometimes I cut the eclairs in two halves to fill the caps. Then I poured the cream that I prepared in advance. In my homemade vanilla creme I added 1 packet of gelatin to keep the cake stable because I didn't plan any other extra decorations or surrounding layers that will protect the creme from leaking out. Next time I'll try with agar-agar.  I am curious to see the difference.
I left the cake in the fridge for 4 hours, then I removed the ring and I decorated with ground dark chocolate (80% cocoa) and with cocoanut flakes. I used goji berries for the heart in the middle. 

Finally, I recommend this cake to everyone who prefers light and not too sweet cakes. And of course, everybody who likes eclairs. Also it's very easy made cake and you don't need a lot of time to prepare it (here I don't count the time and efforts if you decide to prepare the eclairs by your own). Good luck to all of you and bon appétit :)

Oh...I forgot to mention that I used thin almond slices around the cake but you can see this from the picture.

P.S. This cake I made with a lot of love for my loved one....

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