Monday, August 5, 2013

Merida - #3

Proudly I can make a statement - my cake Merida is the most desired one by the kids. Although I try not to repeat my cake creations because all of them are personal and unique,  till this moment I have had 2 other orders where the kids wanted to have the same cake. And although I used the same picture from the movie "Brave", I changed every time some tiny details of the decorations. From one side I would like to make something at least a little bit different and on the other side I try not to go far away from the first image because exactly this first cake picture impressed the kid and that's the reason why he/she picked that specific cake. Here you can see my Merida # 2 and today it's turn for Merida #3.

A week ago Mariya, a mother of a 5 years old girl Kristine, sent me an e-mail to order a cake for the birthday of her daughter. Probably it's useless to mention Kristine's desire....but just in case if somebody skipped the first paragraph - Kristine's desire was  Merida. Hopefully I found the same picture. Mariya told me that her daughter likes pink and that it will be nice if there are more pink flowers around the cake.
It's useless to mention the excitement that I feel when I have to make a cake for a child. I am very impatient at the end to see his/her reaction, the satisfaction or the disappointment. I am so glad that till this moment I haven't seen any disappointment in any kids' eyes. But every time I am very thrilled looking at their eyes to see if they will reward me with a smile or not.
Unfortunately, this time I hadn't chance to meet Kristine...I hope some other day.
Happy birthday, Kristine! I hope you had an amazing and memorable birthday spent together with your friends!

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