Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Sophia, happy birthday!

Today is the fifth birthday of my daughter Sophia. We love you so much! And we wish you always all the best! I am so excited with the birthday not only because Sophia is my daughter but because I know how impatient was my girl. She waited for this day for so long time. Everyday she pointed on the calender the date for her birthday and the date when she will start school. By the way, Sophia eager to go to school. I cross my fingers that this desire won't continue only the first school week :)
Besides all the emotions around her birthday I had to make several cakes for my clients. I'll post the cakes in the next couple of days. And because today it's my daughter's day  I'll start first with her cake (or cakes). Today I present you the first two cakes that I made for Sophia. The first one is for the party at the daycare. The cake is an abundance of fruit - a little bit of strawberries and freshly picked blueberries. I can even proudly announce that all the blueberries that today you will see on my cakes are personally picked by all our family members.  This afternoon we went to blueberry farm in Montérégie where we experienced for the first time to pick our own blueberries. It's useless to mention kids' emotions. It was such a fun! I highly recommend this outdoor activity to all of you. And here is the cake:

Here it's the time to apologize  for the pictures - made in the evening, no daytime light... and you can see the result. But how can I expect to make a good picture at daytime light with a cake made at 10:00PM...
Anyway, the cake is vanilla sponge cake filled with homemade vanilla cream. As a border I used butter cream colored in pink with bubble gum flavor. Around the cake you can see finely ground tea cookies stuck to the cake with very light whipping cream.

The second cake is for ourselves :) How can we miss a birthday without a cake?!?!That's why immediately I made the same one as this for the daycare with some changed decorations on the top. Just for fun (for myself). I made another flower cake, of course, with blueberries. Each petal is formed with yellow colored butter cream. And because my daughter is a huge Rapunzel's fan I bought for her this tiny figure. I am sure she will be very happy when she will see it. Around the cake I used for decoration edible sheet with flowers bought from Michaels store.

Next cake for Sophia (yes, there will be another one too - for her party guests) I will show you later, when I make it. There are only ideas in my head...

to be continued....

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