Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy birthday, Sophia - part two

As I promised you couple of days ago the story with Sophia's birthday will continue. My daughter is very lucky in the way that we celebrate her birthday 2-3 times. Once at home, second time - at the day care and the third time - with friends at our closest park. For each celebration I prepare different cake. The first two you saw in one of my previous posts. Today I'll present you the last one for this year :) Probably it sounds very funny or weird for most of you. For me it's not so fanny. I am simply exhausted :) But pleasantly, of course. We, parents, do unbelievable things for our children....My daughter's biggest desire for a cake this year was Rapunzel. If you have a girl, you probably know what I am talking about. If you are only with boy(s), I'll explain you shortly - a beautiful girl with very, very long hair that lives in a very tall tower. For more details you can watch the movie. It's really interesting even for us, the adults. Only this short description is enough to explain  why I made this cake:

This is my river made of blue colored butter cream. I don't know exactly why but this was the most desirable part of the cake for the kids. Everybody wanted from "the water" and "the stones". While my husband was cutting the cake pieces our youngest daughter was standing next to the cake, on the other side, and undisturbed by anybody carefully picked up and ate all the flowers and stones :)
The first cake is made out of 2 vanilla sponge layers and the space between them was filled with 2 layers of  mini eclairs. The gaps between the eclairs were filled with vanilla cream. For the people who don't like vanilla was the second cake, the smaller one. It was made out of 4 red velvet cake layers with cream that I created by myself. And here it's the "secret recipe" - sour cream, cheese butter cream and fresh blueberries. It think it was a nice combination - light and juicy.
And now the tower....

It's made out of Oreo cookies stuck together with blue butter cream (the same one that I used for the river). The house where Rapunzel was kept is made out of rice crispy and chocolate frosting. Everything is covered with fondant. And somewhere it should be Rapunzel's friend - the little lizard or iguana (I missed that part form the movie, I'm sorry).
It was a hard work but worthy. My daughter was happy! That was the most important and that was her desire for the 5th birthday...The most difficult part was how to transport the cake from our fridge to the park. But, of course, and this time my husband helped me and we brought the cake unbreakable to the party. Finally I would like to thank everybody who shared with us this special for my daughter day!

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