Saturday, January 5, 2013

First steps

The cake that I'll show you today is for my young friend Sonya. She is an adorable girl almost year and a half old. Today we celebrated her first steps that she made 2-3 weeks ago. I wish her to continue walking bravely and always to jump over all the obstacles in her way.
This cake is one of my favorite because I made it with a lot of love and passion. That's why I did everything quite quickly. First, Sonya is a daughter of one of my friends and we spent a lot of time together looking after our babies. Sonya is a very charming young girl that immediately attracts you with her big sparkling eyes and lovely smile. How can you stop working on the cake when you know that it will be for this cute girl?
The cake is made out of 4 thin confetti layers attached by fluffy vanilla buttercream. The unique part of this cake is my decision to make a hole in the center and filled it with irresistible vanilla custard. Actually I used the border of the second layer, the rest (the center)  I removed and  I filled with the custard. After that I placed the third confetti layer. The cake is covered only with buttercream. The desire of my friend was for a cake without any fondant except the decorations. I arranged  some ladyfingers around the cake and for a final touch I put ribbons around it.

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