Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vintage St.Valentine's cookies

We are getting closer and closer to St.Valentine's Day...symbol of romantic love, true passion and friendship. Valentine's Day is a day to express our feelings and renew the bond of love we share with our Valentine. 
At this time of the year the shops are littered with chocolates in the shape of a heart,  red roses, cute teddy bears holding again hearts, everywhere is full of rose hearts, red hearts, broken hearts, cupids and all other symbols of Love. Of course, now it's the time for cakes in the shape of a heart, cupcakes decorated in rose, white and red, heart cookies....
Some days ago I presented you my St.Valentine's cookies for this year but I can't stop only with that. Yesterday I decided to add another idea how we can surprise our loved ones. Nice surprise with vintage valentine cookies. And here is what I made...

Isn't it a cute surprise for the people that we love? Express your love and friendship in a different way...why not with such vintage cookies.

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