Saturday, January 12, 2013

Angry birds...again

My new cake is for the birthday of a boy with the lovely name Kaloyan but we all call him Koko. Happy birthday,Koko!
Last year I made two other cakes for his birthday - Transformers and a sport car which you can see at the end of this post.
This year there is different topic - Angry birds. Almost a month ago I made another cake with angry birds for my son which Koko's mother liked and we decided to make something similar. The lady had just bought a plastic set with some of the toys and she asked me to add them to the cake. The cake will satisfy all tastes and preferences - one vanilla layer and one decadent chocolate layer stuck together with fluffy homemade chocolate filling. All the decorations - birds, pigs, stones, wooden box are made out of fondant. The plastic parts are the catapult and four tiny heads that can be shot by the catapult.

And now a picture with the plastic set. It's just an idea how to arrange them...

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