Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 30th anniversary!

Today's post is for a cake for the 30th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I don't know the couple but I am absolutely sure that these people are amazing. Why I am so sure? Because I spoke and I met their daughter. Actually she ordered the cake for her parents. And the daughter...she is amazing!!! We have just had couple of conversations discussing the cake but the feeling was very pleasant. Her voice, her attitude, her smile (honestly, you can feel her smile on the phone), they are just stunning! She is one of those people that you can talk and talk with as you know each other for thousand of years...OK,let's stop with the lyrical part and start with the cake.
The daughter, by the  way her name is Valerie, sent me 2 pictures just to have an idea what she likes and prefers to be on the cake. The whole design is her idea. I followed completely her requirements. Valerie prefers something clean, gentle, not with a lot of decorations but very touchy...and here is the final result.

I can't finish my post without wishing all my best to the celebrating couple! I wish them a lot of love, joy and respect because..."it is only the beginning..."

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