Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lucky girl

Today I'll present you two cakes for one and the same girl. Isn't she lucky?She should be really very good girl if her parents decided to surprise her with two cakes.
This little girl is Vicky and she will be 5 this Saturday. Her mother decided to order for her birthday two completely different cakes - one for the family party and one for the day care. When you see the pictures of both cakes I am sure it will be easy to say which one is for the kindergarten:)

And now  - the second one....

I made a small chocolate cake for the birthday with the family. As the mother explained me they all love chocolate and they don't like the fondant at all. That's why I made only some tiny decorations out of fondant. I filled the cake with my favorite mascarpone cream with abundance of raspberries. Then I covered it with chocolate icing and I made some of the decorations out of chocolate paste.

The second cake - Minnie Mouse - is just the opposite - no chocolate,only vanilla sponge layers filled with vanilla custard. As you can see the whole cake is covered with fondant.

You can't imagine how happy was Vicky when she saw the cake. She was very shy and all the time she was hiding from me but I noticed the sparkles in her eyes. And that was enough for me....Happy birthday,Vicky!

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