Friday, November 2, 2012

Zebra cakes

Zebra cake

Today I will present you my new experiment - zebra cake. A friend mentioned me about that recipe a month ago.Her mother-in-law is a specialist of zebra cake. But at that time I haven't ever heard about it. I was very curious how you can create that effect. Accidentally, while I was browsing in the net I found this - a detailed explanation how you can make a zebra cake. Here you can find all the information for your  zebra masterpiece.
I was so excited that immediately I started the experiment and after two small cakes ( the blue and the pink) I continued with my experiments and I added more colors. I made one cake for my family with an "extra" zebra effect. I put on the top my favorite mascarpone cream with a lot of fresh raspberries.

And here are the two tiny zebra cakes that I made for my young friends Veni and Mitko. But them you can see only from outside. The pink one is covered with fondant,the blue one is with blue buttercream.

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