Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cake for a great medical achievement or great love

Today's cake was ordered by the husband of one very ambitious young lady. She passed a very important and very difficult exam in her professional study as a nurse. Her husband wanted to surprise her for her great achievement .
First,congratulations to the lady about all her perseverance, hard work and high results.
Here I would like to mention that I was very impressed by husband's attitude. Not because he ordered a cake but the way he wanted to show his love, care and respect in that important for the whole family moment. He chose a raw cake and he suggested something that is related to her professional field and of course the favorite color of his wife-red.
Although the cake was ordered in the last moment and my time was completely busy I couldn't say "No". How can you say "No" to a man who shows his great love and support to his better half. In a second I organized my time and everything was under control. I worked during the night. My eyes were tired of the light but finally I made it. I was very proud of myself, very happy and impatient to surprise the wife.

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