Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bonbons "Santé"

The Christmas holidays are coming...and all the delicious challenges.We start thinking what we will prepare , what we will put on our tables, what new and unique desserts we will present to our family and close friends. Besides the traditional meals we would like to add something new and different, something stunning. Browsing in the net, exchanging ideas and recipes with friends and users from different forums is something common. The thrill is in the air. Everybody would like to prepare something unique and unforgettable. But at the end all of us start complaining how much we ate, how many calories we gained, how to find the incredible miracle to loose all this weight, how we can put on our jeans again...The nightmare is facing us!
That's why I will suggest you to prepare and try my healthy candies.No sugar, no self-rising flour, no confectioners' sugar...Just dried fruit, whatever you like, organic cocoanut oil, ground nuts and some finely ground organic cookies.

Here is what I used for my candies:
dried apricots
dries cranberries
dried dates
ground walnuts
ground almonds
a little bit of ground organic cookies
lemon zest
vanilla extract
carob powder - you can replace it with cocoa powder
organic cocoanut oil - helps to stick all the ingredients together
a little bit of water - just to keep consistency of the  mixture not too dry and falling apart. Instead of water you can add some cow's milk or almond milk which I prefer personally.

And don't worry about the measurements, how many cups of that, how many ml. of this... Everything is in your hands and depends on your personal taste. If you don't like dried apricots replace them with dried figs or whatever fruit you prefer. As you can see these candies are pretty easy to make.

At the end I covered half of the bonbons with cocoanut flakes.

And the most important - bonbons "Santé" are sweet and delicious. And last but not least, they are healthy and you won't worry about your weight after the holidays!

Enjoy them!

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