Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas cake

I have been interested in transfer sheets for a long time...I have watched so many videos on how to use them, how to make candies, how to decorate mousses or cakes. For me the transfer sheets are the final touch for all high couture pastries. Unfortunately you can't find them in all shops for baking supplies.
Here is the one that I have found and I was pleasantly surprised how nice and helpful is the stuff there. They gave me a lot of instructions, advices and ideas and I am very thankful about their help. My son was also very happy there because while I was shopping he was treated with many delicious chocolate candies.
Now I will present you the cake that I made using the transfer sheet. It was easy and funny and definitely it was worthy to make this experiment.

As you can see the cake is made of 2 chocolate layers and for the filling I used a new recipe that I'll share with you in my next post. What you can't see is the light green color of the cream but I'll leave this to your imagination:). The filling is really very light and makes the cake not so heavy and sweet. I filled some cups with the rest of the cream for the people who prefer lighter desserts.

I used small pieces of the transfer sheet to decorate the mousses. There are so many different designs of the transfer sheets on the market that you can create unique desserts for different occasions. That's why go for it!

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