Saturday, February 7, 2015

Yellow cake

 A vibrant cake in a cold winter day...This cake order came as a remedy to my soul. I really needed something warm, sunny and yellow, something with flowers, something that will show me that the spring is very close to us...

The cake was ordered by a friend of mine - Dory. Once I made a cake for her and here you can see it again. My son and her two sons were at one at the same day care. The three boys were very close friends. They played together at the daycare and after that in the park. They were really very close friends. After that, when the boys started school (they were in different schools because we moved) we lost our close contact. But we still keep in touch and we feel each other very close.

Dory called me two days ago asking me for a cake for the godmother of her two sons - Jory and Joshua. The lady will celebrate her 50th birthday. Dory wanted to surprise her with something small and sweet. She asked me for a yellow cake (the godmother's favorite color) and plenty of colorful flowers. And here it is - the yellow cake...

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