Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy birthday, my dear Kalina!

Today it's a very special day for our family. It's St.Valentine and for us it's a beautiful celebration - another day to express our love and passion. It's a beautiful day because everybody celebrates. It a holiday that gives us another chance to show our love - love towards the kids, the husband or wife, the parents, the everyone that we respect and care.

But there is another reason for our family to accept this day as a Special day. Our second daughter Kalina was born on February 14th four years ago. She the best present that I have ever received for St. Valentine's!!!!

We love you, Kalina! We wish you the whole happiness of the world! Continue keeping your charming smile all the time and keep your love, affection and attraction!

Today the post will be long, with many photos. That's why be ready :)

First, of course, I'll start with the cake. The theme this year after so many changes and negotiations is Ariel,the little mermaid. Actually, Kalina was wondering between Ariel and Rapunzel. She asked me for a half cake Rapunzel and half cake Ariel. But when I refused to accept this command, she decided : "Let it be Ariel" :)

By the way this is my first so tall cake - 17cm is the height. It was made out of red velvet and strawberry layers. The cream is made out of mascarpone, sour cream and dark cherries.

The second cake is made out of red velvet, strawberry and chocolate layers again attached with dark cherry filling.

Both cakes are covered with fondant and all the decorations are made out of it. The picture on the front is hand-painted application. It wasn't an easy task to make Ariel. Honestly, I wasn't happy with myself and I was thinking to destroy it completely but my kids stopped me. They liked it and finally I decided to keep it. I think just the red hair reminds me of Ariel but...that's it for this year :)

Now,it's time for some other birthday treat. Let's start with the cookies. Two types - Princesses and My little pony. Both themes are very attractive to my daughter. The prints for the cookies are on rice papers. I attached them by piping gel to the fondant and with some cream to the cookie.

And now some "My Little Pony" cookies...

I made small bags with cookies to surprise Kalina's friends that will be invited for the birthday party. These were kids mainly from her daycare. She spends so many hours with them that she accepts them as a very close friends.

I attached the cookie bag with a ribbon and I added a brown paper leaf with the name of each kid.

I was very much attracted by this idea. I found it very cute. On the top of the paper leaf there was a textile rose. The bags are cute,aren't they?

And now some muffins. There was a variety again. First type - chocolate muffins with white chocolate chips inside. Second - vanilla muffins with dark chocolate chips inside. And the third ones - vanilla muffins with cinnamon and apple pieces.

I decided to keep them simple - no decorations, no fondant, no icing. I just used the thematic cup papers and sticks.

That's everything from me this year... We LOVE you, Kalina!!!!

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