Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cookies dedicated to my love

Love - the driving force in my life!  Love - feeling that makes you better person. Love - emotion and state that makes your life worth-while, that gives you strength and self-confidence, that makes you the happiest person on the earth....
We can write so many things about love...But today,here, I'll share with you how this year I expressed my true love to my husband. I decided to surprise him with these tiny cookies with VW. My husband is a great fan of this car company. That's why I looked for some edible images based on this theme.

 I glued the rice paper images with piping gel on the fondant. And the fondant I stuck to the cookie with some fluffy white cream.

I arranged carefully the cookies in a black paper bag with enormous red heart. I added a St. Valentine's card and I was ready for February 14th.

I love you, my true love!
Happy St. Valentine to everyone! Love and be loved!

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