Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nikola's cake

It's time to share with you my son's cake. This is a very small cake-15cm diametre. I made it especially for my son's birthday. I'll make another one for his party with his friends next days but for tonight is this one.

What is the very special moment here? Yes, it's for my son but beside this fact the idea of the cake design belongs entirely to Nikola. It's a chocolate cake with rich chocolate filling. The cake was covered with chocolate frosting and before I made the chocolate ganache my son stopped me. He had another idea - to cover the cake with melted white chocolate chips. Then he asked me to put some fruit on the top,absolutely fresh, without any gelatin to keep them fresh longer and to make a sign with melted milk chocolate. We added some ground almonds around the cake and that's it.
My son was extremely happy with his creation and I was more than happy that he wanted to participate in this cooking process, that he had opinion and he wanted me to follow his demands...:)

Happy birthday, my dear Nikola! The chocolate heart is for you! We love you!

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