Thursday, March 20, 2014

Party cupcakes


Today I'll share with my last cupcakes. The theme is "party time", "circus" or simply "just enjoy life". The cupcakes are made out of oatmeal, dried plums, cranberries and cedar nuts. Inside the muffins I made a hole and filled  it with cream of mascarpone and wild berries. I decorated the muffins on the top with vanilla mousse and I spread some colored sugar (just for fun).
Here it's the time to share with you that I changed a little bit the recipe for the vanilla mousse and I used hemp milk instead of the regular cow milk. I couldn't make the mousse so fluffy but the taste is delicious.
All other decorations are paper ones. As I told you these were very easy to make cupcakes. You can use it as an idea for a quick surprise for your loved ones.


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