Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cake "Levski"

Today's cake is for Ivo's 18th birthday. His mother wanted to surprise him for his party ordering the cake with the only one requirement - to make a cake with the logo of his favorite football club "Levski". Later on we discussed all other details....The lady which by the way is a very charming person and very easy to communicate with, sent me the photo.
I decided to surprise Ivo and his family adding the scarf of the football club around the cake. I hope it was a nice surprise... All decorations are made out of fondant.
Happy birthday,Ivo! I wish you all he best and good luck!

And another small surprise - a cupcake with the logo.

1 comment:

  1. zdravei, kazvam se Radoslava. mojesh li da mi kajesh kolko struva edna takava torta za 20 choveka. na 24 mai shte ima rojden den na Levski v edin club v centara. edni moi prijateli se organizirat za fan club v Montreal. ako iskash mojesh da mi se obadish po tel. shte ti napisha nomera na face saobshtenie.