Sunday, March 2, 2014

My boy is already 9 years old

Happy birthday, dear Nikola!!!!
I can't believe that you are already 9!!!!Time really flies....It was like yesterday the time when I was pregnant with you, the day when you came to this an angel! You are my sunshine!!!! That was my first thought when I saw you for the first time. An image that I will never forget - innocent baby's face, pure, shining aureole like a small sun...My sun! We love you, Nikola!

As a big LEGO fan I thought that my son would wish for his birthday another LEGO cake. He really surprised me when he asked me for a very simple chocolate cake covered with a lot of chocolate ganache. That was the only requirement - a LOT of ganache! And here you go...a small chocolate cake with chocolate cream and covered with abundance of chocolate ganache. My son didn't ask me for any decorations, just the sign "Happy birthday". I was simply surprised but I made what he asked me.

But deeply in my soul I knew that he wanted something with Ninjago. Probably he didn't want to bother me anymore with his passion. That's why, on my turn, I decided to surprise him with these muffins. Of course, they were chocolate again with chocolate frosting and I added a tiny Ninjago image put on a fondant piece. There was no doubt! Nikola was surprised and he loved them! When I saw the sparkles in his eyes I was happy and satisfied with my choice.

On some of the muffins I put these LEGO candies that I bought in a store near us. Last year I used the same type of candies and I remembered that the guys were very impressed.


And now something different...a cheese cake but it was again for my son's birthday.

That is my home made cheese cake that I prepared for us, the adults. I used new recipe and I think it was really successful. No baked cheese cake. Very simple and easy :)

 We wish you all the best, Nikola! We love you!

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