Friday, March 7, 2014

Our 10th wedding anniversary

Happy anniversary, my love!
I can't believe that it's our 10th anniversary...Time really flies. But our love is strong and passionate like the first time we have met. I hope we will save our true feelings and emotions with the years.
For our anniversary this year I decided to make simple cupcakes instead of cake. Of course, everything started with the cupcakes papers that I found in a store. In that way I replaced the cake idea with the cupcakes. Immediately in my mind came the idea how the cupcakes will look like - vanilla with fluffy white vanilla frosting. That's it! Simple and stylish.
As we were coming closer to our date I changed my mind because I don't like very much vanilla cupcakes. I replaced them with red velvet - one of my favorite. Then I changed my mind for the cream on the top. I always start with one idea and till the end I change it at lease twice. This time I finished with very light pink fluffy cream which on the following photos is different. I can't find the real reason for this change. Probably the light...I am not professional photographer as you can see from my posted pictures and I don't know what I have to change to show you the real color. Once with my Lotus cake I had the same problem. It had a very a specific color but on the pictures it was far from the truth...
When I baked the muffins I made a hole in the center and I filled it with cream made out of sour cream and mixed berries jam. It wasn't very sweet and that was my purpose - just to reduce the sweetness of a dessert as a whole.
Then on the top I used the mousse cream that I made and colored in very light pink.

Finally I decided to use the decorated cupcake sticks representing a groom and a bride.
Probably they can be used only for marriages but I decided to use them as a sigh showing our strong love and connection as the first day of our marriage.
I'll stop talking (writing)...The words can't express our unique and devoted relationship. Let's celebrate!

P.S. Look at the lovely roses that I have received this morning from my husband. Aren't they beautiful.....

And as another surprise for my family I made some marzipan candies. The marzipan I bought. Inside I put a whole almond and some of them I covered with carob.

 The almond taste is irresistible!!!!

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