Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Princess cake

Last week I made the cake that I'll present you today for a cute girl called Katherine. She celebrated her 5th birthday with a lot of friends. You can imagine the emotions around the preparation, especially for the mother. 
Actually the mother started the preparation a long time ago. She found the idea for the cake in Internet. We discussed it, exchanged ideas and suggestions. The thrill was everywhere in the air. 
Now I would like to share with you some steps of the decoration process. The most difficult part of the cake was the princess. Probably most of you are surprised to hear exactly this, especially the people who had made princess cakes. The difficulty came (being honest with you I didn't realized how difficult this project will be in the very beginning) with the doll. The mother wanted to keep the toy as a toy, just to put a dress made out of fondant.The princess would be kept in that way (with the fondant dress) for a while as a memory from the birthday party. That's why no cake layers, no cream around the toy. Sounds easy to make. But it wasn't. After many efforts to make the shape under the dress out of rice crispy, I completely lost hope that I am capable to make this cake. Finally I decided to try with styrofoam. In that way on one side the princess will be more stable and on the other side the princess can be kept longer. That idea worked for me, hopefully. Finally, I took a deep breath and continued with the whole project.

I don't want to make you bored with all the decorating stages and instead of giving you so many explanations about the cake, it's better just to download the pictures. I hope you will like it. The most important is that Katherine was pleasantly surprised with the cake. And as her mother told me later on a big smile appeared on her face and sparkles in the eyes.
Here I would like to thank the mother sending me a photo with her young princess from the birthday party.

Once again, Happy birthday, Princess Katherine! Be healthy, be happy!

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