Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter cake

Hi my virtual friends,
I hope you had an amazing Easter holiday and today you are feeling rested and full of energy. There is no doubt after so much chocolate and chocolate treats:)

For Easter 2013 I made very simple and very quick cake. I made it really so quickly like I was on a competition. It was between the breakfast, morning coffee and all the kids' excitement about the chocolate bunny treats:)
It's a carrot cake, one of my favorite, with my new filling with raisins, sour cream and whipping cream. The filling was very light and mouthwatering. The decorations as you can see are very simple. And here I would like to make my confession - I bought the bunnies. I was so occupied last days that honestly I hadn't time even to think about any decorations. I hope you'll enjoy it:)

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