Monday, April 29, 2013

Ballerina cake

Ballerina cake is my first rolled cake. That means that the cake layers are not horizontal but vertical. I was planning for a long time to try that kind of cake but I always leave it for the next time. Finally I decided to make the experiment for a cake for our family.
Last week my daughter finished her ballet course and she had a spectacle at the end.I decided to surprise her  with a cake on that theme. Honestly, it was difficult to make the cake and I wasn't satisfy with the final result. Any way, my daughter was happy.She even liked it and ate a whole piece. (as her mother I can tell you with a hand on my heart that she has never ever eaten a whole piece of a cake). That's why I was extremely happy and I forgot about all the obstacles in my working process. 
The layers are devils food cake. I put eclairs between them and I prepared pink mousse filling with fresh raspberries, sour cream and a lot of love:) And here is the final result...

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