Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cake with airplanes

Today's cake is for the 6th birthday of the charming boy Vasko. I met him for the first time when his family came to pick up the cake. And immediately he attracted me with his shy smile. His shyness disappeared very quickly when Vasko noticed the cake. Now his face was lit up with happiness and satisfaction. And that was enough for me!
And here is the his cake....

On the top of the cake there is another airplane which Vasko's parents bought as a present. Unfortunately I didn't see the toy and that's why I didn't take pictures with it. When I receive the photos from the birthday party I'll show you the right finish of the cake.

And here are some photos of Vasko's birthday party. I would like to thank his mother sending me the pictures and allowing me to show them on my blog.


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