Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spice cake

Today I made some experiments with a spice cake. As you know I like very much to try something new, something different. That's why impatiently I started my new idea. Traditionally for a filling for a spice cake is used cream cheese frosting or buttercream.  And here came my new experiment . I used a little bit of cream cheese frosting. I added some sour cream (14%), some mascarpone (my favorite) , dessert cream and for flavor I added some strong coffee. Definitely today I wanted to escape from all traditional recipes and I arranged pineapple slices around the 8" spring form pan. The hole of each slice I filled with sweet cherries. I laid the first layer of my spice cake, I poured abundance of my coffee cream filling, then the second layer and on the top again abundance of coffee filling. Exactly how I like the cake - tender and flavored sponge cake base soaked in light and fluffy cream filling. The whole cake I sprinkled with ground cinnamon. I think that cinnamon is the most appropriate final  touch of each spice cake. I put the fondant square with the brown flowers on the top as an extra decoration.
I don't know if you like my idea for a spice cake but I would like to share something with you - it's yummy, very, very yummy. I liked it so much that I couldn't resist and I took a second piece...

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