Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas party in the Bulgarian church

Today I'll present you what I prepared for the Christmas party in the Bulgarian church yesterday. I haven't had any idea how many people will come and definitely I couldn't make enormous amount of cakes. That's why I decided to prepare mini cupcakes for the kids. I made 100 of them praying that they will be enough. Imagine how sad it will be if there will be a child without a small bag with something sweet...Hopefully there were enough treats for everyone.

Here you can see some photos from my decoration work.

I made carrots and bran muffins. I put some icing on the top and after that I decorated with fondant.On the top I put a fondant snowflake. After that I wrapped each one in a separate bag...Everything was done but all the time I had the feeling that something is missing...of course, there isn't any cake. I couldn't stand anymore and immediately I started preparing not one but two cakes. Here is the first one - i tiny igloo with a Christmas tree, penguin, snowman and of course, a lot of presents.

And here is the second one - a Christmas moon sleeping calm before the Christmas day and a tiny cute baby. The Moon is made out of 3 layers of sponge cake in three different colors-white, green and red. Although the cake probably looks very simple I like it so much especially for the cute sleeping baby. I was incredibly happy when this idea came into my mind. The baby brings purity, sincerity and  love to me, to my heart. 

Definitely I couldn't give a piece of cake to all kids at the party but everyone of them receive a mini cupcake. I hope that everyone enjoy the Christmas party especially when Santa Claus came and brought to all of them a gift.
And all the parents received their gift too - seeing the sincere smile on the face of their kid (s).
Merry Christmas to everyone! Be healthy, be happy!

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