Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My cake for December 12, 2012

Have you noticed that the whole world is going crazy about tomorrow's date? Almost in all newspapers and in all TV news there is an article about December 12, 2012. People accept it mainly as a day of crucial importance for our mankind. Thousand of couples will get married on that day. They accept it as a symbol of eternal and everlasting love. Others react to this statement with a smile and with the words " It's easy to remember the date of your marriage". Influenced by all these reactions and news today I decided to make a cake dedicated exactly to this date. And here is the name: Cake 12.12.2012. No doubt it sounds funny and weird but let's look at on the other side - a message for love, respect and commitment.
I made the cake in the shape of a heart - symbol of love and passion. Besides the news how many people are getting married tomorrow, love is the only feeling that keeps the world united, that gives people strength and faith, courage and support. The clover on the top represents the hope that everyone of us is keeping in our hearts. The different forms on the leaves are the various transformation of love.
The cake has a raw base. That is my message to all of you for a healthy lifestyle. Of course, I added something wild and natural, and tasty and delicious - mixture with wild berries and mascarpone cream (My favorite filling). After that I spread tender cocoanut flakes on the top.
In the beginning I decided to make a cake without any icing and fondant, without any decorations - just abundance of berries and mascarpone cream. But while I was preparing the cake I was influenced by all these marriages and I decided to add the 2 color hearts around the cake just for fun...

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