Saturday, March 7, 2015

Our wedding anniversary

11 years ago me and my husband swore to each other to love, to respect, to support. During these 11 years we always were very close to each other. Love is still strong and passionate like the day when we met. Definitely I found my half in life. 
I wish everybody the happiness and the true love that I found. This love makes me stronger, gives me courage, makes me happy...

For our anniversary I decided to make some cookies and muffins. First I fell in love with the images that you can see stuck on the cookies. The design is on rice paper. I found very cute these two giraffes. Although it is written that they are for engagement I immediately bought them with the one and only thought in my mind - to prepare cookies for my husband for our wedding anniversary.

Then came the idea to prepare something else. The black and white cookie image encourage me to make some cupcakes in the same colors. I just used black and white paper cup. I baked bran muffins with dried organic blueberries.
Then I made a hole in the center and I filled it with homemade vanilla cream. Some of them were without vanilla cream. The final touch was the chocolate candies inside (my son's wish). The top  I decorated with white icing and paper decorations representing a bride and a groom. Easy, quick and made with a lot of love.

I adore these bran muffins with a cup of hot coffee. The idea for the cream inside came spontaneously. First,my husband likes very much vanilla cream and second that type of muffins are not so juicy. That's why a combination with some favorite cream can make them irresistibly delicious. Good option is to fill the muffins with cream consisting sour cream or mascarpone or you can add some fruit too.

I love you, honey!

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