Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter cupcakes

My first Easter cupcakes for this year...First, because I am planning to make more :)

The spring is coming, the air is fresh, the flowers will come pretty soon and the whole atmosphere will be again colorful and vibrant. Easter is one of my favorite family holidays. It is such fun for the kids to color the eggs, to make the panettones, to spend precious time together.

Half of my cupcakes are vanilla and half are blue velvet. I put some caramel chips inside (my son's favorite) and then I covered with fondant. In the beginning I planned to put only the paper chickens and eggs but then I decided to give my cupcakes more colors, to make them more vibrant. I used mainly green shiny gel and the regular Wilton's green gel. I spread on the top some flowers and that's it :)

Happy holidays!

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