Saturday, March 7, 2015

11 years...

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary!!!! One of the most important days in our family, a day full of love, strong emotions and unforgettable memories!

I won't give you anymore details besides the cake :). This was one of the surprises that I made for my husband.

Everything started with these beautiful doves. I found them 2-3 months ago but from the first sight I fell in love with them and I decided to buy and put them on a romantic cake. I planned that moment for a very long time. I hadn't any idea about the cake but I was ready with the decorations :)

Then spontaneously, 2-3 days before Our Day I decided to make an experiment with a cake that I have never done....In my mind were only very stylish fondant cakes. But all of a sudden I decided to experiment with something new and different for me - butter cream cake.

Everything started from here...

Definitely making cake with piping wasn't easy task especially when you don't have experience. Honestly I don't like the taste of the butter cream cakes and that is the reason why I had never experienced with them.
I was so excited and nervous that my hands were trembling in the beginning and after a while my fingers were so warm that made the cream softer and difficult to make the shape that I wanted...But I didn't give up! Such a stubborn! :)

Then came the second part - decoration with some pearls, edible of course :) Spread everywhere....

And final part - the most difficult - to place the loving couple on the top of the cake :) I'm joking :) It was the most pleasant part. Even my daughter helped me with some advices.

Aren't they beautiful?

I love you ! And I will always do!!!!

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