Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Strawberry cupcakes

The story of these cupcakes is very funny... I made them for a client who I like a lot and I didn't want to disappoint. Last week I posted my "Make up cake" that was ordered by Silvia for her sister's birthday. At the last moment she decided to change the order because her sister changed her mind...This time she asked me for vanilla cake with strawberries. Unfortunately I have already started with some details, I have bought some specific ingredients and finally I didn't change the cake. As I understood it wasn't a big deal and I continued working on the "Make up cake". But the thought of a strawberry cake didn't give me a peace of mind. After a while I decided to surprise Silvia making some vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberry jam and decorated with fondant strawberries. I don't like to disappoint a client especially when she is such a brilliant sister. Honestly, I hadn't a lot of time to manage everything and you can notice that from my photos. The cupcakes are not so perfect... Anyway, I think that they are cute enough and I hope they were delicious too.
Finally, I surprised Silvia and I believe she surprised her sister too :)

And one more time, Happy birthday Daniela!

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