Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween treats

My post today is dedicated to Halloween. I'll share with you what kind of cookies, muffins and a cake I have made for the upcoming Halloween.
First, I'll start with the pumpkin head cookie. It's a gluten-free cookie, decorated with orange-colored frosting and some orange colored sugar.

Here I added some gluten-free cat cookies. Honestly, I planned to decorate them with black fondant but that were only the plans. My kids started eating them before even I opened the black fondant...

...and some cookies with colored sprinkles...

Now let's continue with the Halloween cake. Being honest with you, the idea isn't mine. I saw it somewhere in the net and immediately I decided to make it for my kids.

The pumpkin cake is made out of 2 pumpkins layers and 2 orange layers attached with light chocolate filling (chocolate filling with sour cream). I adore this filling because you can feel the chocolate but  it isn't too sweet - light and delicious.
The whole cake is covered with orange-colored frosting. I like the taste and flavor of pumpkin,cinnamon and orange,the colorful and sunny autumn.
The cake was baked in Bandt cake shape. The hole in the cake I filled with Halloween jelly candies. That was the surprise for my kids :) Honestly they were very pleasantly surprised.

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