Saturday, October 4, 2014

Red power ranger cake

Today's cake is for Dimitur's 6th birthday! Happy birthday, Dimi! Have a great party with a lot of friends and memorable surprises!
Last year Dimi had different cake wish. This year his hobby are the Power Rangers. Honestly, I hadn't any idea who are these characters. My son at that age didn't show any interest in Power Rangers and I have just missed a lot of information :)
Dimi's mother who by the way is such an amazing lady wanted to surprise her son for the birthday party with his favorite character - The Red Power Ranger. We discussed all cake details on the phone and I hope I was close enough with this image. But you never know....sometimes we, the adults, like something specific and the kids,they can't see its charm....That's why with thrill and impatientce in my heart I wait for Dimi's reaction.

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