Sunday, October 19, 2014

Butterflies, flowers and more butterflies

This vibrant cake is for Ali's second birthday. Happy birthday, dear Ali! Be happy and healthy child! I wish you colorful life full of flowers and smiles!

This cake was ordered by Ali's mother - very charming lady. She sent me a picture of a cake that she adores and she wanted a cake like this for her daughter. And it's absolutely normal because the original belongs to bubolinkata - my very close friend and an amazing cake decorator. Her cakes are so beautiful,so full of life and emotions,so unique that nobody can reproduce them. When I spoke with the mother I felt how strongly the lady wanted a cake like this and I didn't want to disappoint her. It's not the first time when people have asked me to make some of bubolinkata's cake. And it's completely understandable because everybody would like to be touched by her masterpieces. Every time I ask for permission and every time I try to change some details....It's not easy to make a copy, it's not professional and  honestly I can't feel the full satisfaction of creating an unique cake. 
Making this cake, the cake for Ali, was such a pleasure for me. I adore making cakes for kids. And at this moment I needed to make something vibrant, something full of life, energy, love, flowers and butterflies....:)

Now I'll share with you what I have created. 

The cake layers are colored in vibrant green and blue,the same colors like the fondant. They are attached with mascarpone filling and a lot of love!

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