Wednesday, January 22, 2014

St. Valentine cookies

Are you ready for St. Valentine? Have you decided what cake you want for the party? Something different, of course, something unique...Everybody looks for a special gift, for something really unique, something the-one-and-only.
This year I started my preparations with these cookies. They are not unique but they are made with a lot of love....because they are my family and mainly for my kids - my real love! They adore my cookies and very often they ask me to prepare something only for them. Now we have a special reason -  the upcoming St. Valentine and one of my daughter's birthday. She was born exactly on February 14 and that was my precious Valentine gift! I am thinking right now what kind of cake to prepare for her party and I would like to be something different for the traditional heart cakes. Anyway, she is still a very young kid. I don't know what kind of cake I'll make for her but for sure there will be lady bugs :)
And now my other St. Valentine's cookies, again for my kids. I made them using stencils and as you can see I am not good with them...but I hope the taste, as always, will be great!

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