Sunday, January 19, 2014

Liverpool FC cake

Happy birthday, Jivko! I wish you good luck and great achievements with your football team!
This cake is for the 17th birthday of a very charming boy, Jivko. As you can easily guess Jivko is a great fan of the Liverpool football team. He sent me a photo of a similar cake asking me to make his birthday cake. The logos I found in the net and they were printed on an edible sheet....And here came my nightmare. I'll share it only with you :) The company that makes my photos on the edible sheets had a problem with their printer and the red color wasn't red at all. It was more brown that anything else. I was very stressed when I received my picture. I looked at it and I couldn't believe it!!!!There wasn't any red color?!?! How can I give such a cake!?!? After so many communications and attempts from the company to clean their printer and after so many reprints finally I got something which again wasn't good for me. I hadn't time to look for another company and the stress was too high. I decided to do some cuttings of the boarders to reduce the brownish effect  and now you can see the final result...
Besides my troubles, I hope you will enjoy the cake!

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