Saturday, January 4, 2014

Late New Year's wishes

Happy New Year, my friends! Three days later finally I found time to sit down and send you my belated wishes for an year full of memorable moments, for dreaming achievements and a lot of love, real and requited. I wish everybody of us to be surrounded always by true friends, to be always in good health and to keep doing kindness....I wish that  2014 brings joy, warmth and happiness!
Today I'll start with a cake that I planned to make for the Christmas Eve. It's a simple and easy to make cake that you have probably seen in the net. I can't remember where I found it for the first time.
Unfortunately, I was very busy at that moment and I couldn't find any time and energy to make a cake for my family and my friends....I hope they will forgive me...After that I found that my close friend (I am sure that most of you knows her as "bubolinkata" has made similar Christmas cake.  Here you can see her chef d'oeuvres, the most beautiful cakes that I have ever seen! All her cakes immediately transfer me into a world of fairy-tales, of beautiful images and dreams. I can completely forget the reality with her creations. 
I liked my friend's idea of replacing the fondant with the cocoanut flakes. By the way, my husband adores cocoanut and everything that contains it, that's why I immediately decided to make similar cake. For the New Year's Eve again I couldn't find time to make it. On the next day, the 1st of January, my family was invited by very close friends to celebrate Vassiliov Day. And after so many unsuccessful attempts to make my cake finally I found the real occasion.

The cake was made out of small pieces of vanilla rolls who I arranged at the bottom and around the cake. Inside I arranged two layers of small éclairs full of fluffy vanilla cream and covered with homemade vanilla cream. I wrapped the cake with thin layer of butter cream and then with the cocoanut flakes. The decorations on the top (the Christmas leaves) are made out of fondant.
Our friends liked very much the cake. Impatiently I tried it wondering about the taste. Honestly I liked it. It was exactly what I prefer - light and tender with a lot of cream....

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