Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Smurfs

Today's cake is one of my favorite....It's one of my favorite because it was made for the 1st birthday of a cute boy Teodor (unfortunately I have seen him only on pictures in facebook). As you know I adore making cakes for babies and children. I admire their innocence and unadulterated reaction. Immediately I can notice if the kids like their cake or they expected something more.  
First I star making the Smurfs...When I made the four of them I started wondering how many to create....I stopped for awhile. Then I made the cake and when I continued with the decoration I was happy that I didn't make too many Smurfs. Honestly I hardly found a place for these four :)
The cake is made out of vanilla sponges with colored bits. The filling is fluffy chocolate mouse. All other decorations are made out of fondant. The river is from blue-colored buttercream, stones are tiny chocolates and the table is made out of 2 Oreo cookies stuck together with  buttercream.
Happy birthday, dear Teodor! I hope you had a great party!



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