Saturday, October 26, 2013

More Halloween treats

Today I'll share with you what I made for my kids. They asked me for a chocolate cake with "real" (as my son mentioned it) chocolate filling. They also asked me for some Halloween decorations. While thinking of some Halloween ideas I decided to make simple chocolate brownies with abundance of milk chocolate chunks and all this was covered with chocolate ganache....What do you think? Is the chocolate too much? I spread on the top some purple sprinkles and decorated with Halloween  icing decoration bought from some cake store. It was very easy and quick sweet surprise. The best part was that everybody liked the brownies. My son even mentioned that he  meant exactly this kind of cake. He was very happy and  satisfied and that was enough for me. Besides the brownies I made some purple Halloween candies and unfortunately you can only guess that they were purple. I am not a good photographer as you can see but I hope you have good imagination - the candies were purple :)
The pumpkin is real, decorated by my son.
Before I cut the brownies....

...and after that...

Happy Halloween!

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