Monday, October 7, 2013

The cars


Today's cake is for the 7th birthday of a charming boy named Petar. His grandparents ordered the cake for him. They wanted to surprise Petio. Actually the cake was a surprise even for the grandparents who gave me a carte blanche. When I asked them what are Petio's interests, the answer came immediately: "CARS". Instead of thinking what kind of cars to create my son helped me quickly: "The cars from the Disney movie "The Cars". My son and Petio played sometimes together and they knew better their preferences. Then we decided that Petio will be happier if he can keep the decorations of the cake and played with them after that. That's why the two cars on the top of the cake are real toys.


Happy birthday,Petio! We wish you a lot of smiles, beautiful gifts and unforgettable memories from the birthday party!

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