Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin bread

It's autumn now. Most of the colorful leaves are on the ground. The view isn't so attractive and picturesque like two weeks ago. The wind starts blowing very unfriendly. But besides the wind the autumn image always brings a picture of beautiful and colorful trees with yellow, orange and red leaves, orange pumpkins spread around in the yard, Halloween decorations hung on the front porch of almost all houses (some of them innocent but most of them stiffen with horror....)
At this time of the year the time spent outside becomes shorter. The days become shorter. Everybody prepares for the winter. Even our bodies are craving for a hot cup of aromatic tea or coffee....A cup of coffee and why not with something sweet and spicy. Exactly at this time of the year all coffee shops start promoting different coffee and tea drinks with cinnamon and spicy flavors. Even the desserts don't step back. Everywhere in the air you can feel the rich fall flavors and aromas.
That`s why today I decided to share with you my tutorial for a pumpkin bread step by step. 
1) Bake the pumpkin bread at 375 F. The recipe that I used you can find here. Even if you don`t like it you can always find your recipe for a perfect pumpkin bread. There are  many other different ``versons`` of it. I changed a little bit the recipe - instead of white sugar I used brown one and avocado oil instead of vegetable.

2) Cool 20 min, loosen edges with spatula and remove from the pan. Separate the bread in two halves.

3) Make a ``tunnel`` using a spoon in the middle of the bottom half.

4) Fill the hole with already prepared filling. Some other recipes suggested softened cheese cream but I used ricotta cheese, sour cream and cream cheese + orange color which unfortunately you can't see from my pictures :(

 5. Put the other half of the bread on the top and decorate as you want. I used orange piping gel and corn candies.

Bon Appétit!

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