Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding cake with Calla Lily

A charming girl called Anita ( I made up the name because I didn't ask her for a permission) ordered this wedding cake two weeks before the wedding day ....for her friend. What a lucky friend! I had the feeling that the cake would be a present, a nice surprise for the bride.
I was so thrilled the day when Anita asked me for the cake. First, because she asked me and trust me and second because it's a cake for a wedding -  a day that all of us connect with everlasting love and strong passion, boundless trust and commitment.
Anita have found the picture of the cake somewhere on the net and she asked me just to change the colors. The ribbon on the original photo was yellow and the calla flowers were traditionally white. I was very glad when I found even the same statue of the bride and the groom like that one from the photo. And here it is....

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