Friday, October 5, 2012

First kiss…10 years ago

Swans as a symbol of true and everlasting love was the perfect choice for that cake. I made it with a lot of love and enthusiasm especially when I knew why a lovely couple had ordered it . A celebration of their anniversary - ten years ago they fell in love. Every year the couple celebrates the day when they discovered each other. Their love is as strong and passionate as the day when they have met.  I was so thrilled and inspired to make the cake that I even didn’t want to stop for a second until I finished it.
My kids fell in love with the cake when they saw it especially with the tiny silver balls that I used for the decoration.  They were curious if the balls are edible and of course they wanted to try them. They weren't very happy when I refused them. 
I hope that the couple will enjoy every single piece of the cake as they enjoy every single second of their life together.

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