Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hello Kitty cake

This cake is for Rali's 4th birthday.
Happy birthday, dear girl! I wish you an incredible birthday party, a lot of friends and amazing gifts!

Right now while  I am posting the photos I remember something funny. My kids have a lot of toys Hello Kitty but for a long time they haven't played with them. There are some other movie characters that have occupied their minds and attention :) But when they understood that I would make Hello Kitty cake the interest was so high that immediately they started looking for the cat  - toys, books, stickers....They turned upside down the whole room. I am absolutely sure this interest will disappear at the moment when I'll give the cake to Rali's mother. Let see...

The cake is made out of vanilla and chocolate layers attached with my irresistibly delicious cream of mascarpone and strawberries. Enjoy it!

And now I'll share with you two pictures that Rali's parents sent to me. Look at the girl! She is so happy :)

  And now a photo with Rali's friends and parents.

Happy birthday, Rali!

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